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Benefits of Ending Daylight Saving

There are people who propose that daylight saving should come to an end. This idea was developed to make sure that energy is not wasted in all parts of the world. This policy encourages the citizens in Europe to have an extra hour for sleep. This is something that has been practiced by people in Europe for many years. The people that have tested this policy have come to a conclusion that the policy is less beneficial. Researchers have come out with explanations on the effects the policy has had on the economy.

Medical researchers and psychologists have given reasons of increasing or reducing one hour on the sleeping schedule has negative results on the body. Some of the effects are development of deadly diseases like stroke and heart attacks. Research shows that the largest number of citizens died from stroke or heart diseases on the Monday that followed the end of the daylight saving petition. The mind of most people is that there is no impact on the energy saving deal, as it is too short to have an impact. Even when people get home early than usual, they will always use energy at home in the normal way.

This has made people to change the way that they do their things because the time is adjusted out of the normal time that they are used to. The speculations that people will use less lighting is vague since the same people tend to switch on their air conditioners for over a long period of time. If the petition succeed, people will have an added one hour of sleep. There are people who think that the results of this policy can only be weighed after a whole year of its implementation. The policy can only be effected on an annual basis, therefore some people think that it is not a good idea. The people have concluded that the fruits can only be got after the policy has been implemented for a whole year.

A petroleum company has stated that the extra hour will increase the use of gasoline. The limited time has led to an increase in the use of petroleum during the evening hours as people are trying to recover the time that they will be in bed, especially the additional hour. The increased activities has led to the increase in the contamination of the air due to pollution. There is also traffic congestion that has made people to lose a lot of time. The distracted metabolism of the people have also contributed to emergence of other infections in the body. Some of the people have to drive for long hours at night.

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